Fairy Adley & Mermaid Adley Surprise 2 in 1 Doll


5,000,000 FRiENDS ūüíē

We are super happy to have so many amazing friends from around the WORLD!!

So to celebrate, Adley helped us design a super cute Fairy Adley & Mermaid Adley 2 in 1 doll that looks like our family cartoons!


Product Description:

  • Soft, plushy¬†fairy Adley & mermaid Adley surprise 2 in 1 doll¬†
    • interchangeable¬†fairy skirt & wings
    • interchangeable¬†mermaid tail
    • plushy coin & seaweed: to change her back & forth!
  • Pink, shimmery fairy egg carrying case (or the perfect suitcase for sleepovers!)
  • Certificate of Authenticity¬†
  • A for Adley rubber key chain
  • 5 Million Subscribers Sticker Pack